Hooks and Filters

Filter the content of a box:

// accepts 2 arguments, box content and box id (post ID of box)
// return $content (string)
apply_filters('hollerbox_content', $content, $box_id );

Modify the display settings for a box:

// if show_it is true, that means we display this notification. $box_id is holler box id
// return boolean
apply_filters( 'hwp_display_notification', $show_it, $box_id, $post_id  );

Example usage for display notification filter.

Add classes to a box:

// $id is box id
// return classes (string), make sure to put spaces around classes
apply_filters( 'hollerbox_classes', '', $id );

Modify avatar email:

// $id is box id, return email (string)
apply_filters( 'hwp_avatar_email', $avatar_email, $id);

Insert content above box content:

do_action('hollerbox_above_content', $id);

Insert email form:

do_action('hwp_email_form', $id);

Insert content below box content:

do_action('hollerbox_below_content', $id);