Sales Notifications (FOMO) Add On

Upload the plugin zip file under Plugins => Add New, and activate.

First create a new Holler Box. The content doesn't really matter since it will be replaced by the sale information, but you can put a default such as "Scott bought the Pro version." This will only appear if there are no sales to display.

Next, choose the FOMO type. 

Next, choose your settings.

Recommended settings: 

  • "When should we show it?" - a delay of 3-5 seconds
  • "After it displays, when should it disappear?" - 7 - 10 seconds (so your visitor has just enough time to see social proof that other people are buying your products)
  • "How often should we show it to each visitor?" - Show then hide for 1 day (so it only shows once per day for each visitor)

The plugin will automatically detect whether you are using EDD or WooCommerce, and display the latest sale.

An active Holler Box Pro license is required with this add-on.