Content Upgrades

To create a content upgrade, you must have Holler Box Pro installed and activated.

Create a new Holler Box, and select "Popup" as the type.

Customize your popup and set other options as desired.

In the Advanced Settings under "When should we show it?", select content upgrade.

Save your box, then copy/paste the shortcode into any post or page. When your visitor clicks the link, it will open the popup.

[holler-upgrade] shortcode

To edit the content upgrade link, edit the "link" attribute of the shortcode.

To change the non-linked text, edit the text inside the shortcode. Example:

[holler-upgrade id="2081" link="Send me the bonus!"]Get my free guide.[/holler-upgrade]

If you'd like to edit the styling of your content upgrade, you can add custom CSS using .holler-upgrade class. For example:

body .holler-upgrade {
background-color: #fff;
border: none;