Create a new box

Visit Holler Box => Add new.

Enter whatever content you want, it's a good idea to keep it short.

View a setup video here.


  • Activate: Choose to activate this item on publish.
  • Position: the notification position, or banner
  • Choose your colors
  • Show email opt-in: default sends to your email address, or choose a provider or custom HTML form. Details below.
  • Default: sends to the email address you enter in the settings.
  • - MailChimp integration: add your API key in the settings, then your list ID (Get your list ID in your MailChimp account under Lists => Settings => List name and defaults => List ID on right side of screen)
  • Convertkit: visit Holler Box => Settings, enter your API key. Choose Convertkit when creating your new Holler Box, then enter your form ID. Find your form ID by visiting your signup form, then copy the numbers in the url (or in the embed code).
  • Show chat: show the (fake) live chat

Advanced Settings

  • Pages: choose all pages, or select certain pages and begin typing a page title. It will automatically populate a drop down list, simply click the page title or enter page titles comma separated like this: Home, Features, Pricing
  • New or returning: show to only new visitors (since you activated the plugin), or returning visitors. Tracked with the hwp_visit cookie.
  • When should we show: after the page loads, show immediately, with a delay, or based on user scroll.
  • When should it disappear: if you want the notification to show briefly and then disappear automatically, enter a delay here.
  • How often show we show it: a visitor will be shown your message, then you can choose to continue showing it, or hide it based on number of days or user interaction. Interaction is either submitting an email, or clicking a link with a class of hwp-interaction.
  • Hide the button: the button appears when the notification is hidden, you can choose to not display the button. If the notification is hidden, the user will not be able to reopen it.
  • Gravatar email: enter an email associated with a Gravatar account, or leave blank to hide the avatar.